About Adminis

Adminis delivers investment accounting and administration services. At the core of the service delivery is Adminis’s platform. Our platform brings investment managers, investors, administrators and custodians together around a single view to support better outcomes for investors.

Your investors can log into our investor website to access comprehensive information about the portfolios and investments. As an investment manager, you can log into Adminis to view comprehensive Portfolio Management information and tools, as well as detailed accounting information and reporting.

Adminis was spun out of Crema Capital, a boutique Wealth Management service for high net worth individuals. Crema Capital initially developed an investment accounting and administration platform designed specifically for all aspects of investment management. The platform was subsequently provided under license to other fund managers and commercialised in 2012. Fund Administration, Registry and PIE Fund compliance were provided as outsourced services, and in 2013, Adminis was split out as a separate service business.

Adminis is an innovative and growing company keen to lead a step-change in the quality, efficiency and sophistication of the financial services industry in New Zealand.